Extreme Programming Moves Faster Than Anything Else

Extreme Programming is an idea that has come out of the agile community where the developer is supposed to move fast and do a lot of releases so that they can adjust to what the market wants. The market is demanding, and there are people who are always submitting their input. These people are going to keep sending in their input, and they will be able to keep changing with updates that might even happen every couple days. This is a lot faster than any other method of making software, but people who are not used to doing this need to remember that they can align their whole business with this if they want to. It is all about being able to respond to the market so that people can get what they want out of the software that has been created.

Why Move Faster Than Other Companies?

There are a lot of people who are wondering why they should have to move this fast, and it is because they want to be ahead of the competition. The competition might pretend that they are doing better work, but the problem is that these companies are not actually doing work that is any better than any other company. They are just moving slower to help their customers. They are going to start to learn that they have to keep up, and a company that is moving faster will force them to do that. They will wonder how they are going to be able to pace themselves to get alongside another company, but they will have to move fast while the company is already set up to do this. Changing the whole manner in which the company is run makes more sense, and it will help everyone understand why it is necessary to do this. They will all see the results that they are getting, and they will notice that they can do two or three updates in the same time that another company will do one. The bugs get worked out faster, and the customer is a lot happier because of this.

The Plan for The Company Moving Forward

This also means that a company can program more things at once because they are planning to move them out faster than anyone else. The company that is willing to spend that much time and money on its programming in this manner will have multiple projects come out at the same time, and they will notice how easy it is for them to get the work done that needs to be done. They can outpace the other companies around them because they have chosen to move faster. They can incite more passion in their fans because they have more things coming out, and they can start teasing new content because they planned. That is so much easier for these people to do than it is to just sit there and wait for one new project to come out.

Extreme Programming is the wave of the future because there is no company that wants to wait that long to get the results that it wants. It needs to see results right now, and they have to be sure that they have figured out how they will realign everything to make it extreme. They can get every programmer on the same page, and they can get the company to move at a pace that no one else will be able to knock out all their programming at this rate and with such success.