Introducing: Extreme Programming Practices

In an effort to reiterate the definition of extreme programming the definition can best be defined as being a series of requirements that must be carried out in order to improve the delivery of software updates and new releases provided to the public. This not only allows for technology and software to keep up with one another but gives the customer satisfaction in the quality of the product that they have received. While the concept of extreme programming is not exactly software, it does define and determine the boundaries by which software is not only developed but provides exact requirements that developers must follow in order to maintain the software’s functionality with the ever-growing advancements of technology. Such advancements include software on its own level but also pertains to graphics and other areas where software is required to communicate in order to operate correctly according to its original purpose.

Continuous Process

In an effort to redefine what a continuous process is can best be defined as an action that is taken by software developers when a given system is not communicating with its software due to the need for the software to be updated. While one issue with this may be due to a lack of delayed software updates the concept or idea of a continuous process puts more responsibility on the software development team to release more frequent updates so that the system and software are always on the same page. In essence, the concept and practice of the continuous process decrease, if not eliminates, delays so that systems are always in constant communication with all forms of the system resources and its software. As a result, software developers are able to cut out unnecessary software code and other developmental aspects to focus on delivering the best software available.


Overall, the concept of extreme programming can best be described as a methodical series of requirements and practices that engulf, or make up, what the concept of extreme programming not only stands for but what it represents as it pertains to the process of software development. The concept is dependent upon the practices that are set in place to aid in the various workflows and tasks that determine the way in which software projects are conducted. Although there is a numerous amount of various practices associated with extreme programming, the following are just a few briefly described practices. One of the first practices that are commonly adhered to when developing software is the planning process where the customer’s requests are noted. After the planning and building stages are complete, a common practice is to keep the software updated regularly so it functions properly at all times. Other practices involve coding and simple design standards, testing, overall regular reviews on all written code, and more.