Kaizen Helps Being Effective at Work

Best known in the Chinese language and loosely means change for the better, the term Kaizen is more of a way of philosophy in the Japanese culture which focuses on overall life improvement. However, this specific philosophical school of thought is especially applied to all aspects within the workplace as a way of improving everything from manufacturing to work ethic. One aspect of the kaizen philosophy focuses more on a worker’s individual progress in the workplace with overall production yet at the same time seeks to improve and not overlook the human aspect of the individual worker away from work related projects. While the kaizen philosophy is a daily way of life in the Japanese culture and can be used in any workplace operation or scenario and at all levels of the organization or company. Additional to this is the fact that the philosophy’s results are closely monitored so that any needed changes can immediately be made.

The History

Featuring an approach that placed the overall workplace focus on improving production and technologies, the philosophy which came to be known as kaizen had the initial purpose of keeping the desired goals of the workplace intact; an approach that remains to this day. Additionally, the concept for the approach can be traced back to the post-WWII days when American task experts had been called upon to aid in the rebuilding of various Japanese industries. While the philosophy’s entire history surrounded the development of a training program that would be used to teach various classes where the kaizen philosophy could be implemented in the workplace the philosophy also proved and sought to increase and improve managerial skills while teaching a wide range of statistical methods that would improve things such as production and work ethic.

Keys to Success

As previously defined, the term kaizen is a term that means change for better in the Chinese language yet simplified means improvement as it relates to the Japanese culture. While both cultures seek the same idea for continual improvements within the workplace there are 7 different aspects in the workplace where this concept and philosophy can not only best be implemented but where the workplace can always seek growth and overall increases in production as well as work ethic. One of the first and simplest aspects of the kaizen philosophy can be found in the job itself. This is important for to productivity levels but is also greatly dependent upon a worker’s ability to always seek improvement on the job. Another area within the workplace that should always seek improved success as it relates to the philosophy is found in the overall relationships that are found between the company heads and the staff. This is where the implementation of overall direction starts from and is relevant to the monitoring of individual performance and overall employee output. Other areas where success can easily be found in regards to the kaizen philosophy are in the company’s ability to think open-mindedly, be dedicated, always seek input from team members, question in order to learn, and simply don’t play the blame game when problems arise.