Why Extreme Manufacturing (XM) Is So Important

According to its definition, extreme programming (or XP) is one of the many methods of software development that improves everyday tasks via updates and new releases that are made available to the public on a more regular basis. While this not only improves the overall functionality of the system and productivity of the consumer it also allows software developers to become more responsible in terms of the time frames in which updates and new releases are accessible to the public. Moreover, while extreme programming is the idea of streamlining and expediting updated releases of various software programs it also is set in place to ensure that the software is not only set up correctly during the developmental stage but that it’s multitude of interconnected elements work hand-in-hand with one and a. Such elements may include code testing on any given unit in addition to the overall ability of a system to be able to communicate, access, and understand all programmable codes in order to function the way the software was developed to do so.

Some History of Programming and Software Development

Stemming from the early stages of software development when the style of developing went from inputting simple commands and lines of code to including objects that were simply statistical data that lived within a specific field and communicated with other portions of the system in order to function properly. This new idea of data-filled objects created a vast improvement seeing as the early 1990’s was when the Internet was initially born thus beckoning the digital age of a whole new world of available resources. Additionally, the initial origins of what extreme programming was and is meant to stand for allowed software developers to release fresh releases of software that were able to withstand the mass production of technological advancements. Moreover, by creating a system of processes, practices, and methods software developers were able to easily keep up with the overall increasing technological demands by keeping all forms of software running and functioning smoothly.

Problems and Criticism with the Implementing

While both the concept and idea of extreme programming was initially meet with a positive reception this newly found concept was not without criticism and controversy. Although many of the controversies had nothing to do with the initial development of various software projects the controversy did come when various requirements, methods, and practices were brought into question. Despite the fact that onsite maintenance requests could potentially become problematic in terms of costs and overall software rollout, the main areas of controversy had to do with things such as requiring developers to the pairing up on various projects, and the fact that one of the requirements had periodic small projects that accumulated into one major final result instead of knowing project objectives straight from the start. Additional issues that proved controversial in the beginning included the need to rely upon other extreme programming elements to get one single task done as well as several other unknown factors.